Your state of mind is decorated with yellow stained glass windows letting in the bright rays of optimism and positivity. You are therefore the conscious embodiment of your mind which, once you have found clarity and lightness, aspires only to rise. Just as in the Strength card, the energy of our mindset empowers us to overcome challenges and face adversity with courage.

Ornamented by laces, coins, and wood pearls. These additions serve to emphasize the connection between embellishment and the inherent richness that this portrait embodies. The Balinese liana is included
To embellish this portrait, I added jewelry, particularly a tassel, which represents the connection to oneself and the divine, as seen in Mala beads, the Tibetan necklaces.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Acrylic on rug

Additional information

Dimensions Height 140 cm x Width 60 cm.