Madre e figlio

“Mother and Son” is part of the Lampedusa series.

During 2022 I was on the island of Lampedusa where the need for research and inner listening led me there.

There I decided to create a new series of paintings.
I collected photographic material, reflections of the sea and human subjects, mainly children.
I decided to combine different perspectives of such images and work with the projector and prints to study and paint them.

This series chronicles the emotions of the “inner child” what he has experienced , which he faces and continues to awaken throughout his life through relationships.

A journey of emotions and moods.

Each painting arises from a moment of recollection, a down, an emptiness, an inner black hole and then is reborn on canvas in the way it is seen here.
The passage on canvas of such emotions leads back to a personal sublimation and transformation.

Art has led me to a reworking of my wounds and memories: a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious.

“Mother and child: the bond with the mother is the first relationship we form in our lives.
We begin to form and have contact with the world inside the mother’s belly.

There we begin to feel the world through the mother’s psychic and emotional states and emotions. These will be a part of us and how we predispose to the world.
Emotions and attitudes.

This Mother-child relationship will remain ingrained within us all our lives and will influence us.
Through an awareness and knowledge this may or may not be an integral part of us.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Mixed media on canvas

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