Luminous Aluminum Waves

My sculpture, "Luminous Black Waves," is a unique piece that I created using plaster and acrylic and spray paint. I assembled it onto a wood base covered with aluminum, giving it a modern and sleek appearance. To make it even more striking, I backlit the sculpture with an LED light box, creating a mesmerizing glow that highlights its distinctive design. The artwork includes a separate LED lighting unit that can be easily installed on the wall and turned on with an on/off switch powered by batteries, allowing it to be used for special occasions.

As an artist, I draw inspiration from architecture and the urban environment, using a combination of curves, illusory perspectives, geometry, and urban symbols to create a balance between structure and chaos in my work. Innovating with materials is a crucial aspect of my creative process, and I have used plaster and plexiglass to make three-dimensional waves that evoke feelings of the organic while referencing the architectural world through geometry. I am influenced by architectural masters Hadid and Gehry, and I employ shapes as recurring symbols that emerge as a cryptic language on both flat and dimensional surfaces.

Year                                 2020
Materials                       Plaster, wood, aluminum, LED light, Mixed media, acrylic paint, Spray paint.

Additional information

Dimensions Height 24 cm x Width 26 cm x Depth 9 cm.