For some years before I made Intersection, I was fascinated by the signage for public lavatories, and how the differentation between genders is marked out. This was at a time when new-build spaces often featured unisex lavatories, and also around the time that arguments began to break out about transgender folk and their use of public lavatories. I discovered through my research at the time that the lavatory signage in the UK was designed for British Railways by the Design Research Unit, founded in 1943. Following a small cardboard prototype in made in my studio, I developed a plywood structure in which the signage for the male and the female cross/combine along the vertical axis.

Year                                 2017
Materials                       Plywood, wooden base, emulsion paint, acrylic varnish

Additional information

Dimensions Height 51 cm x Width 51 cm x Depth 20 cm.