I am in this life to heal me, and heal millions of spirits around the universe, through my music , art and anything that makes us come alive. We are infinite, we are unlimited creatures, and our biggest superpower is love. I am not from a country, I am from the universe, from the galaxy. I am not only one, I am the all myself I have discovered in this beautiful journey called life. We are all connected by a love extension network. And being present allows us to connect with it. And everyone of us is discovering millions of ways to be present. I come alive when I hug, I come alive when I kiss, I come alive when I paint, when i dance, when I play, when Breath, when I am going into the ice water, when I enjoy the silence and the music, I come alive, when I have faith, I come alive when I fly, and I come alive when I love you, recognizing that we are one, and you deserve the purest love and to be free for the eternity. I love you forever

Year                                 2021
Materials                       Acrylic on canvas

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