Home is just a word

“Home is just a word” consists of multi-layered elements. I have applied the black paint on a glass plate with a roller and then put the hard foam board. The photo is also a collage created by me consisting of two different mixed photos. On the one hand from a shot of an aged stone wall and a water surface with translucent plants. In addition to a dripstone cave and mineral stones, a house made of plastic can also be seen. “Home is just a word” is based on the film “Nomadland”, which contains a song by Steven Morrisey and Alain Whyte, in which the question is asked whether home is a word or something you carry within you. The work symbolizes fragile living spaces.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Collage on poster paper

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions Height 42 cm x Width 30 cm x Depth 0.5 cm.