Golden Blue

Depicting a women’s breast with a smoothly curved elegant handle and spout. ‘Golden Blue’ teapot has it’s components of rugged earth like cracked features, resting on a Royal blue, golden patterned shaped maize. ‘The eye will roll’ along this piece on a journey through time and history where this particular teapot comes from Asian decent. The beauty and marvel of Asian crockery features tones of gold and deep blue’s, representing Royalty, sophistication and class within it’s history of tea gatherings, whilst families and friends would be seated around a low table placed upon silk handmade cushions. The true essence of tea and the luxury of the finest tea-leaves grown in Asia, deserves the wealth of tea being brewed in one of the worlds most beautifully made teapots.

Year                                 2020
Materials                       Oil on canvas and 24 Carat gold leaf

Additional information

Dimensions Height 45.72 cm x Width 60.96 cm x Depth 2 cm.