“Freak Out! 1.0” (Series: Leaving Standards)

The two works belong to the Leaving Standards series. They develop from a dominant colour (pink in Freak Out! 1.0 and blue in Freak Out! 2.0) that pervades the entire pictorialsurface, enveloping and enhancing the vivid colour combinations that occupy the centre of the composition. Both canvases suggest vitality, freedom and slight unruliness. Artist´s view: “My new series is called Leaving Standards, because I see this as the key to reaching the next level – be it on a personal or professional level and regardless of which industry we belong to or in which position we work. Whether we are entrepreneurs, scientists, athletes or artists – probably in a few years time, looking back, we will realize that everyone should thoroughly review their system/context in which they live every now and then. This is only possible with one’s own honest reflection. Checking whether one’s own standards and values are still valid and (sometimes courageously) deriving new values and ways from them. And should we find out that one or the other is no longer valid for us, it does not mean that our way was wrong before! It only means that it no longer fits. Everything has its time – but this time is also constantly in motion. In the process of creating these works, I have questioned all the techniques that I have acquired over the years, and tried new things. I turned to new colors, let new contrasts emerge. But I also decided anew which style of mine should remain and which not. The result: a powerful explosion of color: “Freak Out!” When I look into the current world events with a greater distance, it occurs to me that here, too, much leaves the standards. Maybe sometimes it takes the extreme before a new balance settles in…?”

Year                                 2021
Materials                       Acrylic on canvas

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