Fit for Public Consumption

During a period of self-contemplation & anxiety in 2016, I made the sausage element of this work in my home as a form of therapy. I was not sure what to do with it until I returned to my studio some time later. I remembered visiting a local pub in the recent past, and saw a poster of a sausage on a fork, clearly indicating that the pub served food and I then visited my local charity (thrift) shops until I found the perfect fork in perfect condition, which I took back to my studio. I affixed the sausage to the fork, and then decided to mount this on a plinth, which I constructed from concentric circles of mdf. It took a mini engineering job to securely assemble the work, which I achieved. The title refers not just to the notional edible nature of the image, but also to the resolution I made after a difficult phase mentally, to return confidently to my practice of art-making and to seek exhibiting opportunities.

Year                                 2016
Materials                       Oven-hardened modelling clay, silver-plated fork, mdf, emulsion paint, wax

Additional information

Dimensions Height 52 cm x Width 52 cm x Depth 16 cm.