Fertilitas ~ Oocyte Cumulus Complex Saggar

The exploration of relative materials with relative mass. These solid blocks of porcelain represent the repetitive nature of resilience and perseverance, positive and negative space, all with the acknowledgment that no two outcomes will ever be the same. The pushing and pulling the clay showing the variance of form, surface, tension, and stress in the common slab. Each slab is an expression of the cell growth and potential. The variance of external internal and chemical change. With every positive reaction there is a negative reaction.

Nothing taken away only displaced. Displacement of material expressing the positive and negative. Cause and effect.

Year                                 2021
Materials                       Porcelain slab fired in a Saggar with rice hulls fired in oxidation

Additional information

Dimensions Height 12.5 cm x Width 9 cm x Depth 3.5 cm.