Elegant China

‘Elegant China’ was painted with a ‘brushed canvas’ effect, featuring a round crafted teapot. She stands proudly on her placement, exuding elegance, charm and the deep historical tasteful tones of authentic Chinese culture. Throughout history, China has been the master of tea for centuries, where tea has brought families and friends together on everyday occasions, gathered around square and round tables, all seated with pride as they sip on their delicate Bone-China made crockery, infused with their finest home-grown produce. ‘Where would our lives be within this circle, if it were not for tea?’..
Taryn created this piece knowing the pride China holds in even the smallest of places, ‘a wonderfully hand-made Gaiwan Chinese tea-cup’.

Year                                 2020
Materials                       Oil on canvas and 24 Carat gold leaf

Additional information

Dimensions Height 45.72 cm x Width 60.96 cm x Depth 4 cm.