Dying Heart

This sculpture represents the cicle of life. The cicle of a dying heart, from the first sympthom to death.

This sculpture was created modeled by hand and painted in layers. The heart went at least 5 times to the ceramic kiln for a saturated color finish. Creating an aspect of realism and at the same time surreal in spaces that appear green or rotten colors.

To give a wet feeling and a surreal glow, mother-of-pearl luster is applied, which covers the surface with an iridescent sheen.

To finish the sculpture, Valeiva wanted to make a wink to the Japanese culture, the object repair technique called Kintsugi. But doing the reverse operation wich was kinda ironic, since the piece appears to be dying, but covered in gold.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Ceramic, precious metal luster (Mother of pearl) and Gold

Additional information

Dimensions Height 20 cm x Width 10 cm x Depth 10 cm.