Color Waves

Color Waves. 2021 Mixed media on Plexiglass, hand sculptured
Sculpture Waves is a series of wall sculptures in which the explosive color, geometry and curves merge to create a unique sensation of color and dreams. It’s a very light piece and very easy and simple to hung up.

My work combines aspects of architecture, the urban environment, bright graffiti colors, and a duality of structure with chaos. Curves, illusory perspectives, geometry, and urban symbols are among some of the tools I use in making my work.
Innovation with materials is a key component as I have used plaster and plexiglass. Sculpting with three-dimensional materials, I create waves and feelings of the organic while also referencing the architectural world through the use of geometry. I am inspired by the architectural masters Hadid and Gehry. On both flat and dimensional surfaces, I paint shapes that act as recurring symbols and enigmatic messages emerge as a kind of cryptic language. I combine the curvilinear with the straight to insert the organic into the angular square, breaking the rational into the new and fantastic.

Year                                 2021
Materials                       Mixed media on Plexiglass, hand sculptured

Additional information

Dimensions Height 165 cm x Width 89 cm x Depth 18 cm.