Color Wave Symphony

"Color Waves Symphony" is a mixed media sculpture on plexiglass, sculpted by hand using heat as a method to make the plexiglass moldable. It is part of the "Sculpture Waves" series of wall sculptures that showcase explosive color, geometry, and curves merging to create a unique sensation of color and dreams. The sculpture was created using spray paint, resulting in a bright and bold color scheme.

My art is inspired by my hometown of Buenos Aires, architecture, and the urban environment, which I combine with bright graffiti colors and a duality of structure with chaos. The engines of my art are spontaneous, complemented by technology to materialize and innovate.

Through three-dimensional sculpting, I create waves and feelings of the organic while also referencing the architectural world through the use of geometry. The lightweight nature of this piece makes it incredibly easy to hang, either horizontally or vertically, in any space.

Year                                 2021
Materials                       Plexiglass, spray paint, sculpted by heat

Additional information

Dimensions Height 48 cm x Width 60 cm x Depth 7 cm.