Cloud Waves

This Cloud sculpture is a multi-layered piece that blends sculpture and painting. The plaster sculpture is painted with acrylic and spray paint, and mounted onto a painted wooden base which is in turn attached to a larger base, creating a single piece with several layers. The artwork is backlit with an LED light box, enhancing its presence and creating a striking effect.

My work combines aspects of architecture, the urban environment, and a balance between structure and chaos. I use a range of tools, including curves, illusory perspectives, geometry, and urban symbols, to create my pieces. I am dedicated to innovating with materials and have used plaster to create three-dimensional sculptures that evoke feelings of the organic while referencing the architectural world through the use of geometry.

Year                                 2020Mixe
Materials                       Mixed Media, plaster, acrylic paint, Spray paint, LED light, Wood

Additional information

Dimensions Height 24 cm x Width 26 cm x Depth 9 cm.