Altamira 4

Question: You oscillate between decorative and non-figurative. Some of the compositional elements in your compositions remind me of totems, are you inspired by tribal art?

A: I am a child of peoples who have fought for freedom and my art explores the interplay between physical and spiritual freedom and bondage. Both down and dirty and hopeful and transcendent, it explores identities, culture and societal constructs. My work is both visceral and guttural, I am inquisitive, and I ask questions which lie just under the surface, I present a discourse on the values of humanity.

In my earlier works, I have explored Philippine myths and legends, it is my responsibility and duty to bring forward my multi-culture. I believe, it is a very important part of my artistic practice to pay respect and gratitude to my ancestors whether it be Filipino or Spanish.

In one of my current series of works, Caras and Eye See You, I revisit faces and contemporaries and current society fashions and expressions.

Altamira is part of the Cara’s series.

Altamira is cited as one of the first discovered paintings on the Spanish mainland. Cultural heritage is important in my artistic practice and I wanted to pay tribute to the artists that have directly and indirectly inspired me and my creativity. Altamira, takes the first paintings of Spain and contemporarised it to pay homage to the artist and artistic movements in between to the now.

‘Las creaciones de Mel son una explosion artistica de la especial vision de la realidad que mismo percibe y transmite desde su interior. Toda la belleza que observamos en sus obrasson una muestra de su propia belleza interior- rica en matices y llena de magia- que es capaz de expresar de manera unica, plastica, redonda, complete y maravillosa.’

Elena Barrios, Periodista, Consultora de Comunicacion

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Mixed Media

Additional information

Dimensions Height 80 cm x Width 30 cm x Depth 4 cm.