In my painting I consider not only the idea of FEMININITY, but balance and the MALE element in it are important. In mid-2023, I started the series of paintings "Shield" and then "ECCE HOMO". These are male nudes that are portraits of the male body and soul – a symbol of strength and honor. In the modern world, we ask many questions about the role of masculinity, the proper definition of the male element and the balance between what is feminine and masculine in each of us.
For me, it is the masculine strength that carries the energy of truth, focus and endurance like the above-mentioned "shield". So, you can say "Here is man – Ecce Homo" and in this context think about the harmony of beings and complementation in mutual relationships and life. These are still questions about the true meaning of existence, just like in many painting cycles about women.

Year                                 2023
Materials                       Acrylic and mix on canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 120 cm x Width 120 cm x Depth 3 cm.