A Summer Night In The Park

This acrylic belongs to the collection Up Sixties, about the relationship of the Old People with the State, the Family and Death. I show an introspection sight at the reality around old age and aging. Here the wisdom, tenderness and longing of the old people prevail. Every summer night several elderly married couples, all friends among them, would go out around 7 pm to get some fresh air in the park. The men were grouped on one side and the women on the other. They talked remembering anecdotes of youth, of work. The laughs were not long in coming to stay until the end. The grandchildren ran around playing hide and seek until 3 hours later, the park was empty. Everyone would watch the 10 o’clock news, the same one they would comment on the next day. And just like that were every day. Going out to the park and listening to their conversations has been a great legacy.

Year                                 2015
Materials                       Acrylic on canvas

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