Chance is a huge helper for creativity and the size of this painting is a result of it. Many times I use a non-stretched canvas to make the original stain and cut a part to use it for a painting. I made a big stain with this idea but the result was so good that I thought why not? It turned out to be so good that I made a series of three paintings with this idea. This is one of them.

Quite soon I saw kind of a dog, and even sooner decided that I was going to trait the stain with a pattern, two lines with dots and a thin line going out of each one of them. What looked like to be a simple an easy pattern came out to be a very challenging thing, physically making this long precise lines was very hard, on the creative part was also very difficult, I had to figure out where to put the lines, the cyan ones had to go with a magenta background and vice versa. I also wanted that if you looked close you may find other figures.

As it is so big it remind me the ATTA, this big assault vehicles that first appear in the second Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back, but it had two heads and two tails. Not a problem, I used an artistic license to make it a two heads two tails ATTA. I had the name of the painting with a pop culture reference that I love.

Year                                 2021
Materials                       Oil over acrilyc on canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 115 cm x Width 165 cm x Depth 3 cm.