With the greatness of the cultural imprint strongly present in each of these artists; the sweet, mestizo and deep-rooted traditions merging with the vertigo of speed our
increasingly globalized planet is already turning; this show brings together a selection of works that invite you to pause and slowly observe the unity of breathing,
the brushstrokes of their art, the vibrant and passionate pulse of their living blood.
Like a walk through the secrets of incandescent creativity, where the viewer can discover the ups and downs of some fantastic and expressive works full of
coherence, emotion, and reflection, the sublime curatorial journey uses stories, drawings, and collages of great compositional sense, irony, provocations –
even tributes to other artists – dreams, looks, feel. All these emotions are reflected in a pulsing “heartbeat”
GALERIA AZUR’s new group show aims to generate dialogues, encounters, and synergies among contemporary artists who provide quality and creative richness to the
artistic approach, proposing unique, changing, and winding physical routes that beat along our vital rhythms

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