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Koh Gi is an artist who was born in Seoul, Korea. His real name is Young June Koh.
He has been producing a variety of works: drawings, paintings, experimental videos and installations. He says that his identity as a social member as well as an artist has played an important role in his work.
As a citizen, he has owed a debt to society, which has laid obligation to record what he has observed in his time — the relationship between a human being and the society, the outside world.
The responsibility makes him work on ugliness, absurdity and instability — not on beauty, harmony and their visual effects.



2011 M.F.A. in Fine Art, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

2008 B.F.A. in Fine Art, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

2008 B.F.A. in Fashion Design, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibitions

2018 <Totem Phase>, Seojin Artspace, Seoul, Korea

2017 <Head with no face>, Hwangumhyang, Seoul, Korea

2017 <Dog eat Dog>, Vavava Studio, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibitions

2021 <밀면 열림>, Human resource market, Seoul, Korea

2020 <I’m on cloud nine>, INDI ART-HALL GONG, Seoul, Korea

2018 <Once a God:The Myth of Future Refugees>, The 12th TAEHWA RIVER ECO ART FESTIVAL, Ulsan, Korea

2018 <5th FEAR :: X>, INDI ART-HALL GONG, Seoul, Korea

2018 <Pecha Cucha Link up project>, Art Space Tetra_Fukuoka, Japan

2017 <우리 우상>, Art Space Daamdaa, Seoul, Korea

2017 <Just what is it that makes ( ) so petty, so trivial?>, Open Circuit, Seoul, Korea

2017 <8th YMCA + YWCA>, Gallery imazoo, Seoul, Korea

2017 <∑ Problem=Hell Josun>, Seoul Art Foundation PLUS, Seoul, Korea

2017 <얼굴, 그 너머>, Sempio Space, Icheon, Korea


My art is the record of the world full of anxiety and fear, the report of irrational human beings thrown into the world and their modus operandi. Nervousness and trembling embedded in a human being appear like a mirage. The instability is sent to the tip of a bundle of senses and brings fear. It is released out and fills up the world. At the end of the bundle of senses is the boundary of a human being. It is the earth on which inner inertia — human beings having to ceaselessly face the absurdity of their existence all their lives and trying not to end up in the downfall — collides with the world outside the being. At every collision between a human being’s existence and the world, the trembling mirage rises. I am a pseudo-shaman in a cave who reads the signs from the mirage and records them mythologically and beyond time.