< Yoon Danim


I am a collage artist from Seoul, South Korea. In 2013, I made my first collage artwork during one of my college classes.
This class made me fall in love with analogue collage. After this class, making collages was just one of my hobbies for 7-8 years.
Then, the more I worked, the more I liked it, and now making collages has become a very important part of my life.


<p>EDUCATION</p> <p>2018.09 – 2021.06 China Academy of Art(Hangzhou, China), M.A. in Fashion Design</p> <p>2013.03 – 2018.02 Ewha Womans University(Seoul, South Korea), B.A. in Clothing and Textile</p> <p>EXHIBITION</p> <p>– SOLO</p> <p>2022.03.01 – 2022.03.29 <LEFT (PAPER) PIECES>, Urban Community(Ansan, South Korea)</p> <p>2022.02.14 – 2022.03.05 <Inevitable Coincidence>, Gallery Cafedellavita(Incheon, South Korea)</p> <p>– GROUP</p> <p>2022.02.10 – 2022.02.16 <Another me, a new start>, Art Space ISAEK(Seoul, South Korea)</p> <p>2019.12.14 – 2019.12.24 <To say almost same>, Xika Art Exhibition Hall(Hangzhou, China)</p>


I would like to not set any topic or theme. I try to work depending on intuition, impulse, and coincidence, but whenever I work, it is inevitable that my taste or intention unconsciously affects. So I call my collage artworks an inevitable result of coincidence.