< Yeon Hwa Sung


There is a warmth from the old.

We’re supposed to be in the warm atmosphere

I feel at peace.

My work begins here.

Hanji is my peace.

And it contains my most everyday story.

The times have changed rapidly, and the times I grew up have naturally continued the analog and digital era.

It’s good now that speed and convenience are taken for granted,

It’s slow, but it’s also true that I miss the analog era when I was able to be more honest.

Newness was always fresh, but unfamiliar

The cold machine gave convenience, but it was being trapped in another world.

I may have locked myself in the name of the nickname and gradually turned away from me.

When I was young, I scribbled on paper, cut and played, and I meet myself and tell my story.

My life in it is the story and memory of all of us.

And then, away from us communicating in cold machines

I hope you will be at peace while sharing silent stories together in the warmth.