< Yassi
United States



Born in Tehran, Iran, I grew up in a household that valued various forms of art, instilling in me a deep appreciation for painting, sculpture, music, and poetry from a young age.

While pursuing a degree in architecture at university, and working in the field for four years, I simultaneously indulged my passion for the arts, creating clay sculptures and paintings .

My passion for sculpture grew stronger after completing a brief course at the London College of Art in England. During this time, I also had the opportunity to exhibit my artworks in two public exhibitions in Tehran.

Subsequently, I established my own studio, initially as a personal space for art-making, which later evolved into a private showroom where I showcased and sold my artwork, along with pieces from other artists.

Upon relocating to Canada and later the United States, my artistic pursuits remained central to my life. In recent years, I’ve explored various mediums, such as alcohol ink and acrylic paint, producing numerous paintings. Currently, my focus lies in creating textured paintings primarily using acrylics.



My art is a reflection of my innermost emotions, ones that cannot be expressed through any other medium. I strongly believe in the close bond between art and poetry. This belief makes me wonder: What if we could translate poetry into vibrant colors and sweeping brushstrokes? Or transform a sculpture into verse?? It’s a concept that continually fascinates me.