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In the beginning of his art career he started with realistic painting. Since 1985, non-figurative works predominate with references to abstract expressionism. Getting older, he re-discovered the fascination of figurative painting and from time to time he loves to add works in the impressionistic style to his abstract art.

Volkers pictures arise from all the senses and emotions: they are sensual, un-premeditated and with a playful love for enigmatic details. Multiple and vibrant relationships between colors and surface textures are being created by layers that form transparent views, bold and expressive, emotional and spontaneous.


Volker lives and works in Berlin. He was taught by his grandfather, the german painter Otto Glossmann. After studying at Free University Berlin with a Master of Arts degree, he worked as a radio journalist at Sender Freies Berlin and RBB. At the same time he developed his artistic forms of expression.

Exhibitions (selection)

  • 1986-1995: Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung
  • 1986 Galerie Wolff Berlin
  • 1988 Universitätsklinikum Berlin
  • 1991: Foyer Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft, Bonn
  • 1993: Galerie Wolff Berlin, Steigenberger Maximilian Bad Griesbach
  • 2003 Ars Artis Klagenfurt
  • 2005 Galerie Artoz Fürth
  • 2018 Gallery Steiner Wien, Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery New York
  • 2019 Art Innsbruck, Art Expo New York, Kitz Art Galerie Kitzbühel
  • 2020 ADAF Annual Dutch Art Fair Amsterdam
  • 2022 NFT M.A.D.S. ART Gallery Milano
  • 2022 Little Treasures Galleria de Marchi Bologna
  • 2022 Red Dot Miami

Art Prices / Art Awards

  • 2022 World Association of Artists WAA, Gold Award, Winner of Annual International Art Competition 2021, San Luis Rey USA
  • 2021 GREY CUBE GALLERY, Patterns Art Show, 1. Preis, Miami USA
  • 2020 World Association of Artists WAA, Gold Award, Winner of Annual International Art Competition 2020, San Luis Rey USA, Camelback Gallery Award of Excellence “Abstracts With Red”- Scottsdale, USA
  • 2019 Art Room Gallery Abstract Art Exhibition- Merit Award- Toronto, Kanada
  • 2018 PALM ART AWARD 2018 – Winsor & Newton Prize- Leipzig Germany


„What composers do with music, poets with words, I wish with my paintings: inspire people and create emotions. I want to trigger impulses that make the soul of the viewer vibrate.“