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Vlada Hauser was born in Lemberg (Ukraine) in 1978.

She is a contemporary visual artist.

Today she lives and works in Germany and in South of France.


She attended art school in Lemberg until 1992 and then studied architecture at the State University there.

She came to Germany in 2000 and worked as an interior architect and designer in the years that followed. She has been a freelance artist since 2008 and develops her diverse talents, in the field of painting, graphics, body painting and video.

She has a broad spectrum of artistic forms of expression and creative design processes. As a dominant subject, she deals with the sensual form of eroticism and artistic examination of the female body. Vlada Hauser masters the forms of expression: oil on canvas and mixed media on paper. She is also known for body painting performances. Here the female body serves as a three-dimensional canvas.

Her own artistic activity meets with great national and international interest. She is represented by various galleries at home and abroad. Her works are shown at the art Karlsruhe trade fair, the Speyer gallery days and numerous other renowned national and international exhibition projects.


„I interpret the light, nature, colors, architecture and environment in my artistic way on canvas“.

It is art-historically groundbreaking styles and figures of thought that Vlada Hauser bases her work on. Her own, unflinchingly idiosyncratic pictorial language is based on a different interpretation-open image of women, which owes its facets to influences from antiquity as well as the preoccupation with Viennese Art Nouveau alongside observations of everyday life.

“Today’s world all too often reduces femininity and eroticism to sexual components and exploits them, but purely sexually charged depictions make us forget the sensual sublimity of eroticism, which in my eyes is its core and therefore important in my art”.