< Victoria Llorens




Born in Buenos Aires in 1964.

During her 10 years’ residence in USA, she was director of a Creative Art Workshop for children, and also worked intervening furniture and objects through different artistic techniques. She also attended Drawing and Painting workshops at the Licoln Art Center.

Back in Argentina at the end of 2004, she participated in several photography workshops to enrich her art training.

As a painter, she was almost entirely self-taught until 2005, when she met Jorge Demirjián, and joined his painting workshop to continue developing her skills until 2018. As a student of the workshop, she took part in different group exhibitions in the city of Buenos Aires. Her paintings were also exhibited at Galería Holz in 2015, and she was selected to participate in Art & Swap 2018.

Currently, she attends the Workshop of Art Analysis and Clinic of Tulio de Sagastizabal.

In 2022 she participates in the 10th edition of the Lamroth Art Fair (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and is selected for the 15th Bancor Painting Award (Cordoba, Argentina).


GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2015 Galería Holz (Buenos Aires, Argentina). 2018 Art & Swap (Buenos Aires, Argentina).2022 10th edition of the Lamroth Art Fair (Buenos Aires, Argentina) PRIZES: 2022 selected for the 15th Bancor Painting Award (Cordoba, Argentina)


Collapse and reconstruction run parallel in this series of works.

Geometric volumes that seek to maintain themselves in subtle balance, erecting themselves in calm and silent atmospheres. Impossible perspectives, forced horizons. Frozen architectures, at the precise moment in which they are losing their stability, referring us to the beginning of a disaster that we will not know if it will arrive.