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Born in Prague in 1975, she still lives there and works. She wanted to be a painter from a child.

Since 2012 she has been working as a sales assistant in a company that buys and sells bathroom equipment. Over the years she has taken courses in interior design, graphic systems , object and glass, abstract painting, intuitive painting. Each of these courses brought a sense of artistic creativity to her life that she misses in her work. She discovered the play with colors, words, the connection of the object with the story and with her inner world. Studying at the Spiritual Academy has helped her discover what her heart desires. To be a painter. An abstract painter who shows her inner world.

After studying at the Spiritual Academy in 2019 she started abstract painting .

Painting has found her. She wanted it so much that it came to her.

As she found out who she really was – a painter at heart, a poet at soul.



Don Cafeto solo exhibition “If the Sea Could Talk”


MADS art gallery Milano Kromatik

Contemporary Art Curator MagazineOnline Exhibition „River of Dreams“

“555 Special” Art Exhibition 2021 „Good night my town” Special Merit Awarded

11th Landscapes Art Exhibition „Mirror tell me“

Contemporary Art Curator MagazineOnline Exhibition -winner „Power of creativity“

6CONTEST Exclusive contest „Harmony of Art“ – Special Recognition

Luxembourg Art Prize 2021

ArtKeys prize 2021

Open ART fest 2021 Praha

MADS art gallery Milano, Fuerteventura Sacrifice


Creating intuitively was most enjoyed with a combination of acrylic paint, spatulas and brushes, letting the music and thoughts piece together on the canvas, where the unexpected becomes the expected or surprising.Ideas after ideas put together images like a puzzle.Sometimes the painting is accompanied by poetry or words that have found their own way, this is when the canvas speaks to her.As an emotional painter, she works with the inner world that is reflected in each of us.Her painting is telling a story and convey a words are giving a message.As an emotional creator playing with his thoughts, showing them proudly to the world, she combines visual and mental perception,.The image is the sum of all sensations, so it remains forever.She wants to merge everything into one. Forever.