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Veronica Giorgia Carlotta is an Italian neuroscientist with a strong personal sensibility for human perceptual and behavioral responses towards space, the environment and aesthetic stimuli.

Thanks to her international and multidisciplinary background in psychology, neuroscience and architecture, she works as a researcher and neuroscience consultant where she investigates the cognitive and neurophysiological responses to the built environment, and has presented at important events such as the 17th International Architecture Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia.

Indeed, despite her scientific approach and predisposition, she was exposed to visual arts and design from a very young age, to the point where she recently felt the need to uncover and embrace her creative identity. From 2020 she started regularly integrating her art practice into her daily life.



My artwork is undoubtedly contaminated by insights from my professional field.From a technical perspective, each piece contains a unique mix of creative / emotional spontaneity and a detailed planning of some perceptual cues that allow me to predict how the final artwork could be visually – and emotionally – perceived. I calibrate details to arouse attentive curiosity and aim at obtaining a balanced intertwining of sharpness and fluidity, whose perceived prevalence of one or the other depends on the eye and emotional state of the viewer.