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The art of Verena Caroline Kloos is a true kaleidoscope of her formal training as a designer, her lifelong fascination with all manner of materials and textures, and top flight career in the global automotive industry that saw her lead the BMW Group Designworks HQs in California.
Throughout her international assignments, German born Kloos has always been accompanied by her tireless camera lens as a faithful companion, recording a visual travelogue of the minutest detail, serving as punctuation along the path of observation and revelation.
Now working as a dedicated fine artist and an independent design consultant, she divides her time between Europe and the USA.
She creates in her art studios in Germany and California captivating paintings and thought-provoking photographs, each of which tells a story and evokes a powerful emotional response.
She continues to travel for art + design to nurture her curious soul and further deepen her cultural understanding.
Her paintings, photography and assemblages are widely exhibited in solo exhibitions and prestigious group exhibitions in Miami, Madrid, Munich, Hamburg, Beijing, NYC and many more.
Her art can be found in private collections + foundations in Germany, Austria, UK, Italy and California.
Born: Wolfsburg, Germany
Training: MA of Design, Braunschweig University of Fine Arts.
Genre: Photographic, Painting & Assemblage


ART Shows 2018 – 2023
AD ART SHOW/MvVOART – 10|2023 – Powerhouse Arts, Brooklyn
ART MUC – ART Fair – 03|2023
PAST IS PROLOGUE / Solo Exhibition – Orangerie Munich – 11|2022
Van Gogh Art Gallery – Madrid – 10|2022
Art Fair Monaco – Monaco – 06|2022
AD ART Show – Oculus Center – NYC/USA 05|2022
A|O|T – Any Old Time – Galeria Azur Madrid – 04-05|2022 Madrid
Opening Show – Galeria Azur Berlin – 03-04|2022 Berlin
AD ASTRA – Galeria Azur Madrid – 11-12|2021 Madrid
OFFCOLOR / Solo Exhibition– Orangerie Munich – 06|2021
AD ART Show – Oculus Center – NYC/USA 05|2021
Biennale „Blau“ —Diessen/Ammersee – 09/10|2020
European Art from 1900 – Chongqing Art Museum – Chongqing 01|2020 – 05|2020
AD ART Show – Oculus Center – NYC/USA 09|2020
Art Box @ Eduardo Lira Art Gallery — 2075 NW 2nd Ave, Miami/USA – 12|2019
Jahresendshow – Pashmin Art Gallery – Hamburg/Germany 11|2019 – 01|2020
Leipzig ART FAIR – Leipzig 11|2019
Art Box – Zürich ART Walk – Zürich/Switzerland08|2019
AD ART Show – Oculus Center + Chelsea – NYC/USA 05|2019
ART FAIR Beijing – Beijing/China 04|2019
Mark Rothko Art Centre – Daugavpils/Latvia 02-04|2019
Biennale „Blau“ — Diessen, Ammersee – 09-10|2018
World meets each other — MOCA Beijing – 09-11|2018


German artist Verena Caroline Kloos believes in the transformative power of art. Her work is inspired not just by the rich diversity that she experiences through her travels but also by that profound immaterial silence that attends to an oddity or an unusual site or experience. What another witness of a particular place or moment might feel but not be able to express, Kloos captures through her work. Art for her is an exploration, an extracting of the memorable essences and traces of time in the always evanescent moment.“My art reflects my affinity for informal abstraction. My mixed media paintings, assemblages, and photographs depict perspectives of familiar and unfamiliar places, of unique and unusual situations, the moments, spaces, and things that manifest as flickers at the periphery of context. I am inspired as much by the transient artefacts of life as I am by tactile illusions and weathered-surface topology. My eye is drawn toward the immaterial silence of oddities and unusual scenes, the fecund essence of life, of memory, of emotions. I paint, I take photographs, and I create assemblages.”