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Verena Bauer is currently 21 years old and has always loved creating art. She never thought of becoming a professional artist due to her broad education in economics. Bauer found her way back to her passion during the Covid-19 lockdowns early 2020 and decided to go after her career in art.

Since 2021 the Austrian artist decided to dedicate her life to creating and enjoying art in all aspects. So far, Bauer´s artworks have been showed internationally in four different group exhibitions.


+Athens Open Art by Gallery ArtNumber 23 (17 July to 22 July 2021)

+Speechless by Gallery AlbeArt (15 May to 15 June 2021)

+New Era by ArtNumber 23 (31 March to 21 April 2021)

+Artist of the Month March 2021 by


Verena Bauer´s series of abstract women painting started off with a friend´s joke about painting a naked woman for him to hang over his bed. Bauer turned that joke into an artwork and furthermore into a whole painting series because she fell in love with the aesthetic and individuality of human bodies. Her women paintings talk about beauty, individuality and strength.