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Valeria Secret is a contemporary artist based in Marbella. She transforms her paintings on canvas with a mixture of the worlds of natural beauty, luxury items, high fashion and wildlife. She is exploring femininity and sensuality mixing it with surrealistic details to make the audience feel some magic. She is using bright and vivid colors to fulfill her bold artworks with joy and irony.


M.A.D.S. Art gallery – group exhibition in Milan, February 2022

Artio Art Gallery – group exhibition “Carrousel du Louvre”, Paris, April 2022

Rossocinabro Art Gallery – group exhibition in Rome, May 2022

. Monat Art Gallery – group exhibition in Madrid, 2022.

Luxembourg International Art Fair – upcoming in September, 2022.


The thin line between reality and fantasy is often blurred in Valeria’s artworks. With vibrant and vivid colors, she paints realistic human forms and worlds where natural beauty, luxury items, high fashion, and wildlife mingle without a fundamental loss of identity. Hers is contemporary magical realism, an oxymoron characterized by a juxtaposition of different worlds and things, by the meticulous and unusual arrangement of details that make the real-world setting unfamiliar, uncanny, and beyond reality