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“I paint, therefore I am”
I worked as a chemical engineer for many years before a paintbrush crossed my path and has not left me since.
After retiring in 2018, I work as a freelance artist and exhibit regularly.
I live with my husband and two dogs in Rheinhessen/Germany


After self-taught beginnings, I studied at the European Academy of Art in Trier and am also completing a long-term training in painting and art history in Mainz.

Some Projects in 2022:
– Group-Exhibition ‘Anima Mundi’, Venice 2022
– International Prize Caravaggio
– Galerie Böhner, Mannheim
– ARTHouse New York, Summerexhibition ‘Truth’
– Artfair ‘ARTe Wiesbaden’
– ‘Honorable Mention Award’ – ArtshowInternational
– Exhibition ‚Leave a trace‘ – Cancelleria Vatikan Rom


My works are mostly figurative or semi-abstract, often large-scale, colourful, in acrylic or oil. I deal with different themes, implement what comes to my mind and that is very diverse.
I like to include the surprising, the strange or the outlandish in my works. Therefore I call some of my work IRREalistic – in German is it the combination of IRRE, which means mad, and realism.
Besides the figurative works, which are always based on a concrete idea, I tend to follow the brush in abstract works and let myself be surprised what develops.
For a long time I have been dealing with current socio-political topics and am interested in our environment and what we are doing with this planet. My heart beats especially for our exploited fellow creatures of non-human species, which therefore often appear in my works. In the hybrid works, I also create new species to counteract the loss of species 😊 – because despite all the seriousness, humour must not be missing – without humour, everything is nothing!