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Los Angeles based artist, Tyler Santangelo, has spent the past several years further developing his painting techniques and expanding his knowledge in modern art. As a multi-disciplined artist, he finds that inspiration blends across all mediums. Cohesively mixing these inspirations into an exceptional presentation onto the canvas is a therapeutic challenge for the young artist.

Tyler’s evolving capability to create and understand the origin of the idea’s realized provide the viewer and artist a rewarding experience. He emphasizes in Contemporary and Abstract Expressionism using acrylic paint, oil pastel, spray paint, and paint pen. With multiple exhibitions under his belt, he has gained experience that further advances his knowledge and expertise.



At a young age, Tyler learned the importance of the arts in his own life and society. Born and raised in a small town outside of Detroit in the state of Michigan, he witnessed the rise of many talented artist’s who opened doors for the next generation with a welcoming hand. He dove deeply into the depths of art history, gaining important foundational knowledge that still help his analysis of art to this date. At the age of 18, he decided it was time to take the next step forward and move out west to one of the world’s epicenters of the art’s – Los Angeles. Upon arrival, his career in the arts started to flourish.Emphasizing in Contemporary and Abstract Expressionism, each work realized contrasts the other while staying within realistic bounds. He is exploring the dialogue between the mediums in conjunction with his own life; all tell a story, some simpler than the next. As our artistic predecessors passed down moving work, reflecting their own life and society, he is inspired to do the same.


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