< Tom Kuran


Was born in 1972 in Warsaw. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts – Faculty of Conservation and Restoration Masterpices of Art. Diploma in the field of Conservation and the Painting and Polychrome Sculpture Restaurant under the direction of prof. Joanna Szpor. He also studied painting in the studio of prof.

Rajmund Ziemski – painting annex to the diploma “head study” A comprehensively educated artist who feels great in the field of drawing, painting, collage. The heroes of his works are usually more or less abstract figures, which he places in various landscapes, themes or colorful dynamics.

He left behind classic images In his paintings he connects various techniques, try to make the image as interesting as possible,
He does not creates in one style, but walks along different, very individual paths – the image it is supposed to be interesting, inspiring, moving – so in his creativity there are landscapes abstractions, graphics, monochrome images, often uses actions such as splashing, sticking, cutting or scratching.
For many years he has been working as an art restorer and painter in Warsaw where he has his own studio.


1. 2010 individual painting at the State Art Gallery W Płock – entitled “Moments of emotions of feelings”

2. 2012 an exhibition in the “Belfry” gallery entitled “Saints differently” in Warsaw

3. 2013 exhibitions in Vienna entitled “Emotions in the landscape”

4. 2014 next exhibitions in Vienna entitled “Emotions”

5. 2015 exhibition entitled “Greenland it’s not black and white ”in Warsaw

6. 2016 participation in the Płock festival entitled The Northern Lights Festival

7. 2017 exhibition in the gallery NEXT in Bydgoszcz – “From the Bible and imagination

8. 2017 exhibition in Lubań in the commune gallery also entitled “From the Bible and from my imagination

9. 2018 gallery of the city of Warsaw, exhibition entitled “Scenes from the Bible”


Interest of The Bible, my conversion and the enormous source of inspiration, which is the Bible, and of course my motto: “painting is a color” decided about my art.The color builds a picture, but not only my paintings are a combination of the color of the Bible and illustrations, and this is very interesting and not so found … lines, colors coexist harmoniously … there is also the texture of the painting, which treats the composition in a special way. My pictures are strong, full of life and dynamics, talking about God and faith, are original but also difficult to perceive, difficult to accept.