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I started to get interested in artistic creativity as a kid when graffiti started to happen in the mid-eighties Stockholm. The graffiti have become more and more blurred in my art, but there is always a little trace of it in the paintings. It´s kind of imprinted in the body, the movement in the hand, out into the brush. People seem to see different things in my art. I like that! I want my paintings to be open to the viewer’s own imagination. Just like they are to me when I work with them. I’ve realized that painting is a tough job. I usually never have a clear idea of what to paint and how. The path to results is usually unfathomable. The canvas is usually painted over and over again, The method of ”kill your darlings” are heavily used… Details are saved or painted over to finally end up in something that feels meaningful. Sometimes it is as if the painting almost appears by itself. The biggest source of inspiration is music. I always paint to music, and I always associate my paintings with music and sounds. Some are dark and hard, others are softer, bright and quirky.


2018, OCH gallery (solo exhibition)

2022, Juste gallery (solo exhibition)