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Taha Bader is an abstract impressionism painter based in Germany /Pakistan whose central motive revolves around personal artefacts such as places he lived, events he experienced and people he met. Through his paintings, he examines the feeling of motherhood, androgyny, queer and memories.

Pishtaq – An Islamic Architectural Gateway – are often a repeating element in his paintings because he spent a lot of time sitting and observing life under these Gateways. Not only does the Pishtaq symbolises an entry and exit point of life, but also being seated under these Pishtaq brought him a sense of familiarity, comfort and security – a feeling mutual to the sense of being with his mother – since he changed his home a lot while growing up in Karachi, Pakistan.

He paints abstract impressionism because memories are often vague, fragmented, and intertwined visual impressions associated with emotions. Hence, painting in realism would not do justice to his memories as he intends to emulate the feeling of a fleeting moment from his experience.



I approach painting as a way to record my memories on a dairy via abstract and deconstructed compositions since memories are often vague, fragmented and intertwined visual impressions associated with emotions.I use acrylics on medium-size canvas with loose, broad flat brush strokes and the wet-on-wet technique to emphasise the movement rather than the form. I like to work fast and sporadic to transfer as much as I can from my memory on canvas.I use mango colour with Bordeaux, cobalt blue, and sky blue as my primary colour scheme. Mango colour represents my city of origin’s hot weather and sweet mangoes. In contrast, Cobalt blue is an intense hue of blue that usually appears in the evening for a few minutes before the sky turns midnight blue, bringing along the cool breeze in the evening.