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Susana Tavares was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and always had the dream of having a studio with paints and different materials to create. However, her path began with working with children and she graduated in Child Education in 1997. In 2003, the dream of having a studio came true and she’s never looked back as she discovered her love for painting and designing, exploring different themes that inspired her with different techniques. She currently lives with her family in Porto, Portugal, near the sea.

I am at the most happy place when I’m painting. One brush stroke a time, in the rhythm of my breath, like a meditation I explore the inner worlds of imagination and play. It’s important to follow what feels right.
My intuition’s role is to allow me explore without fear of the unknown and the outcome of the piece. I’ve always loved the process of discovery and allowing the artwork to unfold without a plan.
Like a child, I prefer simple forms that activate my inner smile and satisfaction. I believe that abstract forms give the viewer the opportunity to expand their imagination and find their own inner worlds