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Tove S. Holmøy is a full-time visual artist from southern Norway. She works full-time in her studio in the coastal town of Tønsberg. She is a former graphic designer and since 2004 she has also held classes in drawing and painting. Her work uses several techniques, including acrylics, collage, drawing and watercolour. Tove’s main source of inspiration comes from the northern landscape and way of living. From the steepest mountains of Lofoten in the far north, the fiords and mountains of the west, to the flat coastal landscape in southern Norway with an archipelago of islands.

Every piece of my art holds its own story, often based on personal memories or on travels I have made. Nature is very important to me; mountains, rocks, water and trees are all a limitless source of fascination. Mountains represents something constant and real; they have been there forever, and yet they live! Mountains can hide diverse shapes that stimulate my imagination. I love that!