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SoyRoy: Multidisciplinary artist specialized in various pictorial techniques that extend to a variety of formats and media.
Since 2016, the year in which the formalization of his artistic career began, Roy has explored traditional painting and since then, he has translated his visual language into works on walls, skin, ceramics, engraving, serigraphy, lithography, large-scale installations. and digital representation.
His work gives the viewer freedom to enter his thoughts and interpret the depths of the human experience through moving expressions of mind and body. He has explored both the cultural heritage of his upbringing in Mexico and modern concepts of our relationship with emotions and our environment. Roy\\\\\\\’s mind for ingenuity constantly leaves us in awe.
Developing his passion for art from an early age, attending museums in the center of the capital of San Luis Potosí, where he is from, he constantly drew inspiration from the details of New Spain\\\\\\\’s convents, temples and art galleries.
Always looking for new translations of an anthropocentric concept, Roy continues to explore through different mediums, with a tireless spirit of maintaining creativity and expression as a way of life.


2019 • SEMANA DE ARTE Y RESPONSABILIDAD SOCIAL ,Casa. Carranza, San Luis Potosí. • Aliarte Potosino, Alianza México, Tquisquiapan, S.L.P. • Subasta Arte, Grupo Arca, Guadalajara, Jal., Mx. | 2020 • Feria Bada Mx, Campo Marte, Cdmx • Entre Arte y Arquitectura, Avancer, S.L.P., Mx. • Small Works, Zona Uno, S.L.P., Mx. | 2021 • Forum Leonora Carrington, S.L.P, Mx. • Caja Real, S.L.P. CONTACTO: 2022 • Feria Bada Mx segunda edición, Campo Marte, Cdmx • Solo Exhibition “Origen”.


There is nature and there is art. One imitates the other with the intention of externalizing the feelings that emanate from observing, listening, tasting, smelling and moving through this ephemeral reality. I think it is very important not to let the human potential to create and transmit ideas go unnoticed. And I think that the daily effort has to be based on creating in the most beautiful way possible. Thus, our environment results in constant inspiration and motivates us to have a long-term mindset towards everything around us.