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University – Art work with a focus on education, single field, Bachelor study, Palackého University, Olomouc, Czech Republic
High School – Artisan processing of stone and ceramics, ceramic work, Velke Opatovice, Czech Republic



Galeria Azur – online exhibition

Arte Venezia – june 2022

Palace Koruna – Venceslav\’s square – author´s solo exhibition Café Záhorský – May 2022

M.A.D.S. gallery – online exhibition –

Milan, Italy and Fuerteventura, Spain Galerie u Zlatého kohouta – from January 2022 to 20.2.2022

Galerie Zátiší – from December 2021 till now

Open Art Fest – Průmyslový Palace, Prague 7, October 2021

Palace Koruna – Veceslav´s square – from June 2021 – many exposure exchanges I.




EXPOSURE Lucerna – Velebná kavárna (café) – from October 2021 to January 2022

Pasáž českeho designu (Passage of Czech design) – ČNB – February to June 2021:

I. EXPOSURE II. EXPOSURE III. EXPOSURE Dark Velvet café bar – November 2021

Eli gallery Liberec – September 2020 Art – n – Coffe – october 2020 – june 2021

Lucerna- Velebná kavárna (café) – March 2020 to August 2021

Dark Velvet café bar – January 2020


At the moment exhibiting in Prague and creating in Prague -West. I returned to creating again after about 6 years break and I’m very grateful for that. You can look into my inner world, which is full of colours, flowers and energy. My creation is like me – full of dynamics and spontaneity. I have 2 main streams in painting – it’s either pure abstraction painted with spatula or brush, or I choose specific motives which I combine with abstract background and where I often put emphasis on the lines. I mostly paint this type of pictures with brushes and sometimes I add different types of texturing materials in different thickness layers. I paint because of great inner fulfilment which I always feel while creating. It helps me a lot not only in difficult moments. It heals both soul and body. All pictures I create are painted for a purpose to support a human/observer/owner of a picture so that he/she feels better. The picture should bring a person out of grief, lethargy and indifference with its colours and composition. We are not going through an easy period in life, but it could be worse. Message of my pic-tures is to focus on the positive, because every positive idea, vibration can bring something good into our life and can make pleasant changes.