< Solomon Mugutso


Born in 1977 Zimbabwe, Johannesburg based . Even though not formally trained, he attended numerous workshops at the national gallery of Zimbabwe under the mentorship of Charles kamangwana. His work focuses on the lives of people captured in the aesthetic that puts the world and human life adrift.

Mugutso’s has had numerous local and international exhibitions and his work comes highly recommended. Some of his work is found in the Royal residence of Eswatini, The palazzo at steyn city, Birchwood hotel etc


2002 Zimbabwe tourism expo | 2003 chines embassy Zimbabwe | 2004 siaz / Zimbabwe/ swiden cultural exchange (swiden) | 2007 Netherlands embassy PTA south Africa | 2009 Nedbank small business seminar
2010 Presidential Green energy summit south Africa | 2014 piccaso gallery featured south Africa | 2015 Decorex South Africa | 2017 Rosebank Rotay exhibition south Africa | 2017 African Bank solo south africa
2018 Julie Miller Art collective South Africa | 2018 Johannesburg children’s home charity auction | 2018 Hilton Art festival | 2018 Inside galleries gruop exhibition | 2019 Agog galleries solo south Africa
2019 Candice burnam gallerie special feature | 2020 faba gallery, group exhibition | 2020 Alliance francaise Capetown | 2020 Desmond tutu charity auction | 2022 clarens Art festival.


Identified by a recurring red box motif that he calls the window of hope. Mugutso’s work is aimed at infusing hope to people who are in difficult situations. Working primarily on paper with Charcoal and acrylic. His approach is relaxed . His stick silhouette figures represent the human soul not a specific race or tribe.