< Snach-ka


A precise gesture, a conquest of the materials and a confrontation with chance have been cohabiting in abstraction for about twenty years.

Perpetually in search into his painting, Alain SCHANK recently met his SNACH-KA alias… This one offers us figurative canvases which seem free from any kind of constraint.

However, even if the artist calls himself a « painter of the moment », his canvases result from an actual search in painting and a deep mastery of techniques. An explosion of colours, daring collages and crazy characters are charming some and chocking others… but such an original production will sure leave no one indifferent.

As an invitation from the artist to dive into his universe, the FIND ME INSIDE message will guide you in the discovery of his complex work…



I am 100% self-taught, painter for more than 20 years, I have carried out many exhibitions under my name Alain SCHANK. The works exhibited were exclusively abstract.


In recent years I have felt the need to leave abstraction behind me, feeling a straitjacket around my production… The use of a nickname made it possible to differentiate the 2 types of work.