< Silvia Felizia
United States


Silvia Felizia is a contemporary abstract artist born and raised in Argentina and currently resides in the United States.
She studied Graphic Design in Buenos Aires and worked in the industry as a freelance artist until moving abroad in the mid 1990s.
During the first years away from her home country, Silvia started self-educating in visual arts and painting. Later, while living in Thailand, she learned the ancient techniques of mosaic art, which she mastered after years of practice and continues to apply to some of her paintings.
With a rich harmony of texture and color, she builds layer upon layer to showcase the entire creative process, forming bridges of interaction between memories, emotions and experiences.
Abstract and emotive, strong and vulnerable, Felizia’s body of work is drawn from her life story and the many places she has lived, including Buenos Aires, Kyiv, Bangkok, London and Houston.
Silvia has been selected for exhibitions on contemporary art platforms and galleries like UNT CoLab Gallery, Envision Arts Show, Visionary Art Collective, Artspace111 Gallery – Texas Now 2022, Visionary Projects New York and Lohme Art Gallery.
Internationally published, her work has been featured in art books and magazines in Europe and America, including Art Folio 2022, Art Anthology V – Madrid Edition, United Women Artists, Artist Talk, Thought Art, Envision Arts, Art Seen, Goddess Arts, among others, and is part of private collections around the globe.



My art has become my voice.
Every time I start a new piece it is like starting a new journey. I feel limitless freedom to travel to other times and places. I go back to the Argentina of my youth, and the countries where I lived later in adulthood, to rediscover paths with new eyes and a more mature perspective in an honest search for equilibrium between my Latinx origins and my present as an immigrant.
My pieces can be read as maps of emotional landscapes with a story behind them. They are inspired by humanitarian crises, political and social issues, experiences I have been exposed to, and everything surrounding me.
Moved by what I see, feel, believe, and remember, I explore life’s rhythm, writing my own story and the story of others. I paint what is happening in the world – all the beauty and all the horror.
When working on paper or canvas, I always start with a foundation of paint and modeling paste to build multiple levels of depth. I paint, scrape, and paint again, adding vitality and drama with layers over layers that are rich in texture and color. Forming geometric and organic figures, I cover, rebuild and reconstruct what I created before, giving birth to lines that will interact and travel through the surface.
In my work there is a dialogue of movement, stillness, silence, and noise that feed into each other, resulting in chaos for some of the pieces. In contrast, others are very calm, reflecting the essence of an inner force of my own state of mind during the creation process.
I paint to leave a mark because life is ephemeral and memories are fragile, and painting is a way to grab them.