< Sergio Naranjo


Born in Santiago de Chile in 1954, Sergio Naranjo arrives to Mexico at the age of 20 years old, after 1 year of politic prison. This meant to him reweave the meaning of his life and his own reassessment.
Truncated his study due of the military dictatorship, decided to access to the design school of Bellas Artes National Institute (EDINBA), and starts to dedicate as a professional of graphic designer, by the year of 2000, he started his unique art insight and it was through it, that he found a path of healing.


Education: Graphic designer (EDINBA)
– Finalist on XV Bienal Internacional del Cartel
México 2018
– Selected on XVII Salón de la Acuarela, México 2016.
– Monthly artist selected by Pluma del Ganso magazine, México 2013.
– Selected II Salón de Arte Visual Contemporáneo, México 2010.
-1st place of editorial design contest by ANUIES, México 2010.
– 1st place on poster contest of “México Rechaza la Violencia”, Human Rights México, 1993.
Exhibitions: more than 52 individual and collective art exhibitions in countries like Chile, Mexico, Spain, Italy and France.
-“Retorciendo el tiempo”, Memory Museum of Human Rights, Chile
– “Sintiendo a eros” Metropolitan Gallery, Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), México


My work has a generous graphic in terms of form, although complex in content, the viewer perceives that he is in the presence
of an art possible to understand, however difficult to digest, because it gives an account of events that have been, and continue to be, hard for the humanity.
I like being a visualizer of memory, illustrating content complexes with an attractive and enigmatic aesthetic.
My interest is also to show the elements of nature why they are harmonious, proportionate and easy to define; that’s why
art has always tried to enjoy these qualities since ancient times ancestral. Many of my works express situations of social schism
and show unfortunate events in our history, extending awareness about them to generate a light of hope.