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Born in an french oversea territory, we moved to Paris suburb in 1958.
I spent my youngest years around Paris until I get a mathematic master.
I left Paris in 1978 to live in New-Caledonia, then in Marquesas Islands and Polynesian Islands. First paintings in these places.
Back in Europe in 1992 with two young daughters, we discover Madrid and the spanish culture.
Now retired in Montpellier (South of France), I have all the time I want to paint the colors I saw in my life.


As a student in Paris, I used to work for my uncle, a photographer, and I became a black&white argentic photographer.
I go on making photos in New-Caledonia and, with a poet friend of mine, we produced the book “Visions calédoniennes”, poetry and b&w pictures.
In the Marquesas Islands I painted for the first time directly on my b&w pictures and in Tahiti Islands I began my paintings on canvas.
In Madrid, I participated in some painting competitions.
In Santiago de Chile I offered a painting for the Pablo Neruda’s birthday centenary in 2004.
No significative exhibition.


Path of life, paths of life, life is a path, a path which, like any path, has a beginning and an end, …well, for what we know about it, what we believe about it can be different .

My life has been no different from that, of most individuals, whom I have tried to symbolize by these paths.

These lives are made of encounters, bounces, reflections or diffractions, like light, sometimes back to the past, hopes and disillusions, light and darkness.

Life also changes color according to the periods of our existence by crossing zones that are more or less dark, more or less bright, passing from one activity to another, from one love to the next.

Life is a path, it’s a great journey on the path of time, of course, but also on paths of stones or moss, on sand or on asphalt.

Life, earthly, ends up slowly or abruptly dying out, because we are only passing through this illusion that we call reality, and the “truth” should be…behind the canvas?