< Seon Yoo
South Korea



I am a painter and a designer based in Seoul, Korea. I am a self-taught artist who turned a passion into a career. Through years I have juggled between work and painting, but now painting is my work. I am a great lover of walks and traveling from which I have learned to respect nature. From traveling in nature, I was able to experience and be astonished by the sublime beauty of the universe that we are in. I tend to animate the ethereal world of my experience on my landscape paintings through abstract forms and vibrant colors.


2017, 08.15 English Literature.B.A., Sogang University, Seoul, Korea. (worked as an interpreter for embassies and corporations, practiced art on own)

2022, 09.15. – 10.14. 28th edition of “Passion for Art”, Yangchun Culture Center, Seoul, Korea.

2022, 09. 28. – 10.28. Exhibition “Pretty Perv”, M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milan, Italy.

2022, 10.05. – 10.20. London Contemporary 4th edition by Itsliquids Group.

2022, 10.08 – 11.02. Exhibition “Flare Up”, Galleria Azur Berlin, Germany.


For me, painting is an unconscious language, of another extent that cannot be expressed in words. Therefore my paintings are the result of a translation of emotions through encounter with form and color, and a reflection of my thoughts, passions and impulses. I believe I am my own muse. Because there are a lot of things that inspire me, but eventually only through the process of genuinely thinking and feeling them on my own, I can express it into my own language. Like a prism that absorbs light and creates a rainbow, I absorb inspirations and create something else(something beautiful. I try).