< Şebnem Ceylan


I was born in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. I am the first child of a large family. Since my childhood, I have been interested in art, painting, photography and cinema. I graduated from Communication and Design in 2011. I worked in the accounting department with my family, who were engaged in construction business. Later, I started a company and I created a brand with my own designs. I still run my small business and make designs. I take photos as a hobby.

My interest in spiritual issues began many years ago. As I progressed on this journey, my perspective on life has changed and my way of thinking has enriched in ways that I did not even expect. Over time, my desire to express my experiences and feelings became irresistible. Colors and patterns that have provided me the freedom to express myself in different ways and they become a tool for my expression. Designing and painting showed me other ways to find myself and express myself.


1988-Ankara Department of Communication and Design-2011


“Queen Of Spades” – May 2021 Karl and Ein Gallery/İstanbul

“Freedom” – June 2021 Karl and Ein Gallery/İstanbul

“Secrets” – June 2021 Luna Art Gallery/İstanbul

“Glamour” – October 2021 La Visione Art Gallery/İstanbul

“Return” – November 2021 Karl and Ein Gallery/İstanbul

“Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair” – November 2021 Pinelo Art Gallery/ Thessaloniki


My artworks are influenced by contemporary art, action painting and abstract expressionism. I want to express my feelings about the gap between the person we are and the person we have created. The personalities that we are changing because of social pressure, our family’s expectations of us, or fear of not being accepted by society. My interest in psychology has guided me to understand the masks we wear, the emotions we try to hide, and our repressed feelings. Being in-between, the effort of searching for oneself, and the journey of finding oneself.