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Artistic, compassionate, talented, these traits make Stanislav Bartnikas a brilliant aerial photographer. His internationally acclaimed portfolio speaks volumes about his capabilities. Stanislav Bartnikas’ photography transcends the earthly realities captured in every image. Shot from an aerial perspective, his photographs of vast landscapes, urban settings, and nature alternate between true-to-life and abstract compositions. The Russian-born photographer’s calculated approach invariably depends on his own intuition and invoked response. Observing for hours from a small plane, helicopter, or trike, he looks upon the Earth’s surface, awaiting the impulse to take a picture. “It means that this is the place with which I have an emotional and energetic resonance, and that shot will clearly reflect my own state and the energy of the place,” he says. Bartnikas encapsulates these energies and our planet’s untouched beauty before modern-day environmental issues seize control.


More than 200 awards, including:
* Natgeo Photo Travel Contest 2019, People’s choice Award
* PX3 Paris Photo Awards: 2017 – 2 Silver, 2019 – 1 Gold, 1 Bronze, 2019 – “State of the world” – Photographer of the year, Environmental category
* Siena International Photo Awards 2017, 2018, 2020: Honorable mentions and Remarkable Artworks
* International Photo Awards 2016: 1-2-3 places, One shot competition Climate change (3-d place)
* Moscow International Photo Awards: 2017 – 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 2018 – 1 Gold, 1 Bronze, 2019 – 2 Silver
* Chromatic Photo Awards: 2018 – 2nd and 3rd place, 2019 – 1st place,
* Tokyo International photo Awards: 2017 – 1 Silver and Country pick, 2018 – 2 Gold, 3 Bronze, 2019 – 1 Bronze
* Epson International PanoAwards 2020 – Gold and Bronze awards, Top of 50 photographers
* Frequently featured at Photo of the Day and Daily Dozen at
* @natgeoyourshot contributor

Agora Gallery, NY
– Collective show, New York, July 2022
– Red Dot Miami, December 2022

The Weinberg/Newton Gallery, Chicago
– Stanislav Bartnikas x Obvious project, Human/Nature exhibition, March, 2022

Keller Center, Chicago
– Stanislav Bartnikas x Obvious project, Human/Nature exhibition, July, 2022

ArtRussia Exhibition, Moscow, Russia, 2021
– Personal booth with Obvious project

Avivson gallery, London
– Collective show, August 2019
– Collective show, October 2020
– Personal exhibition 2021

Art Carlsruhe Germany
– Collective show, feb 2020

PrintSwap exhibitions
– Collective exhibition at PhotoVille, NY, Sep 2019
– Collective show at Studio Galerie B&B, Paris, May 2019
– Part of the showcase at Chapter One Cafe and Wine Bar in Sydney, Nov 2019
– The Other Art fair, Sidney, 2019
– Berlin Blue Art gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2018

“State of the world” PX3 exhibition
– Okinawa, Japan; Paris, France – 2019


“My gift is to see the beauty of nature and retranslate its energy. In every one of my works there is the real imprint of the energy of those unique places of power over which I fly.” Stanislav’s role as a photographer and person consists in capturing the most unusual and powerful places on the Earth and sharing their essence with the world.