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As an artist, I find solace and inspiration in color. It is within the maelstrom of life’s unpredictability that I discover a profound sense of liberation, inviting me to embark on a colorful journey where I play with pigments, chemicals, and canvases. Through my artwork, I seek to create a visual symphony that allows me to meditate in the very chaos that surrounds us.

Colors and chemicals become my tools, enabling me to express the vibrant energy and boundless emotions that emerge from chaos. I embrace experimentation and embrace the unpredictable reactions that occur when different substances interact with one another. It is in these moments that I find a sense of harmony and serenity, as if chaos itself were guiding my hand.

My paintings are an invitation to dive into a world where structure dissolves, giving way to the unrestricted flow of colors and forms. Bold colors, swirling gradients, and layered textures intertwine, representing the dance between order and disorder. The canvas becomes a playground where chaos and serenity coexist, merging into a captivating visual tapestry.


Education: MSW from FAU 2018
Recognized by:
Circle Foundation Featured Artist 2023
Art Diamond Museum Artist Award 2023
Online Exhibitions:
Circle Foundation
Plogix Gallery Time Square August 2023
Plogix Gallery Miami – Miami Art Week 2023
Art Exhibition: Spectrum Miami 2023
Art Exhibition: ACT 2 Galeria Azur March 2024 – April 2024


I use pouring techniques to create my work. It serves as a reminder that sometimes I just have to let things flow the way they will. Life is chaotic; in order to make it all work we have to be rigid and structured but in other ways flexible and open minded. With my art, I can process the confusion in the act of pouring. By watching the colors flow and experiencing the changes from each pour gives me the unexpected beauty that is each canvas. I feel relief and hope to help others enjoy the colors that come together. It removes the anxiety of the unknown and is replaced with excitement of what can be. All I want is peace. Peace is in letting it all flow.